Winterthur Lily of the Valley Necklace

Winterthur Lily of the Valley Necklace

VIELÄ offers comprehensive product development, which can be undertaken in a collaborative manner with museum stores, arboretums, conservatories, or retailers to create custom products.

We help to identify products that will best resonate with the target consumer for each institution. We listen to the price point needs and recommend products with highest probability for successful sales within these parameters. We create custom jewelry, ornaments, medallions, pocket stones, bookmarks and more.

The items can be designed for a new exhibit, a special event, a catalog, or to become a signature piece for an organization. The custom product design service can incorporate botanicals sampled directly from,or special to, the grounds of an institution’s property, or can be a newly conceptualized interpretation, infused with a chosen natural element.

Sample 1: Winterthur Museum Gardens and Library: Winterthur commissioned VIELÄ to create a custom collection featuring the Lily of the Valley flower, special to the grounds of the property and one of Henry Francis DuPont's favorite flowers. He would often gift a bouquet of these May flowers to guests of the estate. Lilies of the Valley have long been associated with weddings by also symbolize sweetness, a sign of good luck and a return of happiness. Crafted of sterling silver exclusively for Winterthur, the collection features fresh pressed Lily of the Valley.

Sample 2: Sheppard Pratt Health System: VIELÄ Jewelry was commissioned to create a line of products that reflect the core values of the institution. Using real impressions of botanicals found in the gardens of the Towson campus, we created a Mandala Ornament, a leaf Pendant and a boxwood Pocket Stone. We focused on incorporating the Mandala Philosophy into the pieces, with the found botanicals as the design features. In collaboration, we have created a meaningful suite of products for patients, family members, staff and the public to treasure.