Heart to Heart Necklace

Heart to Heart Necklace

Jewelry Use & Care

Swimming, sleeping, exercising and/or bathing while wearing your jewelry can cause permanent damage and is not recommended. Additionally, it is advised to apply cosmetics, perfumes and hairspray prior to putting on your jewelry. Common sense, along with some extra precautions during certain activities, should allow you to enjoy your jewelry for many years to come.

The high quality materials are naturally durable under normal use conditions. It is important, though, to continue to use your jewelry with care and consideration of its materials. Some metals may be susceptible to scratches and other finish damage. Similarly, pearls and some gemstones are known to be susceptible to chipping or scratching when they come into contact with harder objects.

Storage & Cleaning

For the best protection, store individual jewelry pieces separately in boxes, plastic bags or plastic containers. Alternatively, jewelry can be well protected within a jewelry armoire or similar device. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or high humidity may lead to finish damage. Do not store jewelry in the bathroom, as this increases the likeliness of tarnish occurring.

As tarnish is a normal aspect of sterling silver jewelry and darkening is a normal condition of bronze jewelry, it is recommended to only use a polishing cloth to clean VIELÄ jewelry. All of the pieces are polished to inhibit the tarnishing process, however it will not permanently prevent it. With standard use, care and storage, harsh cleaning agents will not be necessary to maintain the original luster of each piece. Do not clean the jewelry with steam, chemicals, jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic machines. These methods could eventually remove the patina from the objects, especially if the piece is soaked for a prolonged period of time. Never soak items purchased from VIELÄ Jewelry in a sterling silver cleaner, as this will lead to rapid and permanent finish damage to the metal, remove the patina and has the potential for uneven discoloration of the pearls and gemstones. Every online order includes a complimentary mini polishing cloth to help prevent tarnish and maintain the original luster of your jewelry.